Welcome to New Heights Gym, the Ultimate Gymnastics and Pole Vault Sports Facility!


New Heights Gym Facility

Physical Address:  1204 Import Drive, New Iberia, LA 70560

Billing Address:  P.O. Box 9838 New Iberia, LA 70562

Phone:  337-365-3806

Email:  leleux@mindspring.com

Website:  www.newheightsgym.org

Owned by: Shane and Bridget LeLeux

NHG closed for following holidays:  

Christmas week, New Years week, Mardi Gras week, Easter week, 4th of July day, Halloween day, Thanksgiving week (except for special team practices)


Welcome to New Heights Gym, the Ultimate Gymnastics and Pole Vault Sports Facility!


OUR MOTTO:  "Reach New Heights with Mind, Body, & Soul"

Our motto is to "Reach New Heights". We believe that in order to be the best we can be, we must use our Mind, Body, AND Soul! We use our mind to learn skills and routines, to focus, and to learn how to use apparatuses in a safe manner.  We use our body to build strength, flexibility, and endurance needed to perform skills, motions, and routines. But just as important as the mind and body are the heart and soul.  Without heart and soul there is no commitment, no discipline, and no progress.

The keys to being a successful athlete are Focus, Flexibility, Strength, Discipline, and Consistency.  Flexibility and Strength are the basic necessities needed to be able to perform the skills being taught. Consistency trains the brain and body and helps progress to the next level and strive for perfection.  These traits can be coached but it is up to the athlete's heart and desire to learn Focus and Discipline.  Our goal is to continue to learn and improve so we can be the best we can be.

Equipment Includes:

  • 42' x 42' Spring Floor

  • 2 Vault Runways and Horses

  • 3 sets of Women's Uneven Parallel Bars

  • 1 set of Men's High Bars

  • 2 sets of Men's Parallel Bars

  • 1 Ring Rig and 2) sets of Rings

  • 5 sets of High Balance Beams and 3) sets of low Beams

  • 2 sets of Pommel Horses and 2) Mushrooms

  • 1 TumbleTrak and 1) Air Tramp

  • 1 20' x 20' Foam Block Pit

  • 1 Pit Bar and Strap Bar

  • 3 Pole Vault Pits, two indoor pits with soft boxes and one outdoors pit

  • Various weight, strength training, balance training, and stretch equipment

We also have a separate Kinder Gym Room filled with Kinder Gym equipment. 

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1204 Import Drive

New Iberia, LA 70560


Tel: 337-365-3806

Email: leleux@mindspring.com

Website: www.newheightsgym.org

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