At New Heights Gym we strive to continue reaching new heights by utilizing the amazing benefits of gymnastics in every aspect of life.  There is no other sport that develops the mind and body like Gymnastics. One of the major reasons parents enroll their children in Pre-School Gymnastics is for the enhancement of motor skills development, coordination, balance, agility, and strength.  Besides the physical developments, gymnastics encourages development of intellectual, emotional, and social skills.  For young children gymnastics provides an opportunity to explore movement in a non-competitive atmosphere while teaching them to focus, follow directions, and to be patient. Because we are aware every child grows mentally and physically and socially at different rates, we have designed each class based on age and maturity.   


Our Tiny Tot class is designed for 2 to 3 year olds.  The purpose of this class is to keep the little gymnasts moving (not sitting) and introduce them to “real” Gymnastics in a fun, educational manner with child-size gymnastics equipment.  Because we know this age usually has separation issues from parents, we allow a parent to walk the child back to class and stay as long as needed.  Because of the size of the room and the potential distractions, we have to limit attendance to one parent per child.  Others are welcomed to wait in the front waiting room.  Once the child is comfortable and participating in the activities on their own, we ask the parent to try returning to the front waiting room.  This will help the child build independence and maturity.  For safety purposes, when the class goes into the “big gym” for tramp and pit time, we ask all parents to return to the front waiting room and not follow the class into the gym.   With this format the gymnasts will improve and grow. 


Our KinderGym class is designed for 3 to 4 year olds.  This class is designed to teach the child to be independent while learning the activities without a parent’s attendance.  The purpose of this class is to introduce gymnastics in a fun, educational, structured manner while keeping the child moving, teaching patience while “waiting their turn”, following a structured pattern, and learning to follow directions.  This class usually starts off with activities in the kindergym room but usually moves into the big gym for the last half of the class.  In order to teach independence and maturity, this class does not allow the parent to stay in the kindergym room.  The parent is allowed to wait in the front waiting room. 

Once a child turns 4 years old, they have the option of moving up to the Big Gym.  Our Recreational Gym classes in the Big Gym separate the classes by gender, age, and ability.  These classes introduce gymnastics in a structured and progressive manner on the USAG certified gymnastics equipment.  The Recreational Gym classes are designed for boys and girls ages 4 & up.


We believe every child is unique and matures and learns at their own pace; and we have programs to match each. Just communicate with the coach or with Ms. Bridget to see which program best fits your child.