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Gymnastics is the basic body training for ALL sports.  There is no other sport that develops the mind and body like gymnastics.  All of our classes incorporate basic gymnastics skills to develop strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, and endurance.  The skills learned in gymnastics carry over into many of life’s activities. 


Mailing Address:    New Heights Gym, P.O. Box 9838, New Iberia, LA 70562         

Phone:                    337-365-3806



Email:            or




  • Classes Offered:  KinderGym (ages 2-4); Girls Gymnastics (ages 4&up); Boys Gymnastics / Athletics (ages 4&up); Tumbling (ages 7&up)

  • Registration:  KinderGym classes are Sept – May (no KinderGym classes in summer). Girls & Boys Gymnastics and Tumbling classes have open registration year-round. Based on availability, a gymnast can start at any point in the month. Tuition will be pro-rated based on a 4-week month. One free-trial class is available before registering, call to schedule. The registration fee is $50 for 1 student or $75 for a family. This registration fee is non-refundable for any reason and is due each time a student re-registers or starts back after quitting.

  • Monthly Tuition / Late Fee PolicyPayments are due on the 1st of each month regardless if gym is closed.  Payment accepted by Cash, Checks, Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, or Credit Card (which has a 5% processing fee).  A current credit card must be kept on file. The credit card will be processed on the 10th of the month if payment has not been received. If a current credit card is not on file, tuition must be paid in full on first class of month before student is allowed to take class.  If payments are not up to date, the student will not be allowed to participate in class.  If payment is not received by the 10th or the card on file is not current or does not go through for any reason, there will be a $20 Late Fee charge.  Regardless if the child misses class or does not receive a bill, the parent is still responsible for payment by the due date.  There are no refunds and no transfers for unattended classes or registration fees.  For new registrations and depending on the number of classes remaining in the month, tuition may be pro-rated.  (See payment schedule for more details).  Once registered, the full tuition is due even if only one class is attended.  During the months where the gym closes for holidays, full tuition is still due. We offer a $5.00 discount per month for each additional sibling enrolled in classes.  Should legal or collection fees be necessary to collect a delinquent account, the cost of such fees will be the responsibility of the student’s parent/ guardian.  There is a $25.00 NSF charge for all checks returned. 

  • Drop Policy:  Due to our small student/teacher ratio, every child must pay each month’s tuition in order to hold his/her place in a class regardless of the circumstances including sickness, injury, vacation, weather emergency, etc.  If planning to drop student from class, notice must be given to Ms. Bridget BEFORE the end of the month if not continuing the next month.  It is the Parent’s responsibility to notify us if pulling from class, not the student’s responsibility. Once dropped, another registration fee of $50 would be due upon re-registration, even if just sitting out for one month. 


Girls:    Basic leotard, any color, athletic or knit shorts, no blue jean shorts, no buttons or zippers.

Boys:   Tshirt, sports shirt, muscle shirt, athletic shorts, no blean jean shorts, no buttons or zippers.

Both:    All students go bare foot in gym but should wear shoes to and from gym.  Hair must be tied back (this rule will be enforced).  Jewelry should be removed and left at home.  No underwear showing under gymnastics leotards – briefs only.



Valuable items should not be brought to the gym. New Heights Gym will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.  Cars should be locked and valuable items left home.  Check the "Lost and Found Box”. 



All students will have an in-house exhibition in May and December of each year.  Family and friends will be allowed to view, video, and photograph their child’s progress from within the gym at that time.  This is considered their Show-Off Day.  More info will be available weeks before the actual day.



Attendance is one of the main factors for improvement and success in gymnastics, and is strongly encouraged.  In order to make it easier for students to NOT miss a class, we offer the flexibility to allow students to make up a class if missed.  Another way we encourage good attendance is by rewarding students for good attendance rather than punishing students for missing gym.  For the December Show-Off days we monitor the attendance from the months of September through December and  for the May Show-Off days we monitor the attendance for the months of January through May.  We would reward the gymnasts with medals for good attendance. 




1.   Students should arrive 5 minutes before class begins. Class will start on time.  Do not drop off students more than 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the class.  Students must be picked up on time.  Students are to remain inside the gym until their ride has arrived.  There shall be no waiting outside the gym.  We do not have a service that monitors children after class. Parents need to make sure their children understand about waiting inside the gym until their ride has arrived.


2. Only WATER allowed inside gym. No food, drinks, or gum allowed in the gym area at any time.  These are allowed in the waiting room only.  Parents are responsible for cleaning their child’s mess, spills, etc.


3. No horseplay, no running, no throwing objects, and no climbing or playing on any gym equipment at any time without permission and direct supervision of our staff.


4. Only students enrolled in classes are allowed in the gym area.  Visitors and parents must sit quietly in the waiting area.  Please do not talk to or distract students in the class.  Visitors and parents are not allowed in the gym area unless otherwise advised or with special permission. For the Tiny Tot Class, only one parent per child allowed in the class room at a time.  No siblings allowed.


5.  New Heights Gym is open year-round with classes continuing throughout the year, even in the summer.  Full tuition is still due for the months with holidays.  New Heights Gym keeps most of the main holidays recognized by the Iberia Parish School Board, unless otherwise notified:  

                                  Mardi Gras Week                     Easter Week (Good Friday & week AFTER Easter)                Labor Day 

                                  Thanksgiving Week                 New Years Week                                                                       Halloween Day

                                  Christmas Week                                                                                                                          4thof July Day


6.  General Media Coverage - Throughout the year there may be in-house programs or events that are open to the public where large group photographs or videotapes will be taken by the media or gym staff.  In these cases, students would not be identified by name.  Your consent to these types of group photographs or videotapes is assumed acceptable UNLESS YOU NOTIFY NEW HEIGHTS GYM IN WRITING that you do not want your child included in such photographs or video tapes.


7.  Concussion Awareness -  There are risks that students take when they participate in any type of sports activity.  Concussions may

occur and not be recognized, which may lead to critical medical emergencies.  If a student is suspected of having a concussion, a doctor's release is required before returning to class.


8.  Parents/ guardians and students are to be aware of the risks and hazards associated with the sport of gymnastics, tumbling, trampoline, cheerleading, dance, pole vaulting and other activities we might provide.  Students may suffer injuries, possibly minor, serious, or catastrophic in nature.  Parents should make their children aware of the possibility of injury and encourage their children to follow all the safety rules and the coaches’ instructions.  Safety first, second, and always!  New Heights Gym, its coaches, and other staff members will not accept responsibility for injuries sustained by any student during the course of gymnastics, tumbling, cheerleading, dance, and other activities, open workouts, in the course of any exhibition, competition, or clinic in which the child may participate or while traveling to or from the event.  Parents/ guardians are responsible for continuing to provide proper hospitalization, health, and accident insurance coverage.  New Heights Gym is not responsible for providing any insurance coverage.

We have finally moved into the modern world of payment with Venmo and CashApp! If you choose to use the app to pay for registration, tuition, camp, or snack account please make sure your child's name and what you are paying for is listed in the Memo space. 

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