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NHG Pole Vault Pole Rental Agreement 2023


Seasonal Pole Rental Prices: Season includes January – May for Indoor & Outdoor HS season

     11’:              $200                                                                   11’6”:                $225   

     12’:              $250                                                                   12’6”:                $275  

     13’:              $300                                                                   13’6”:                $325

     14’:              $350                                                                   14’6”:                $375

     15’               $400                                    


Pole Rental Rules:

  • Rental Arrangements must be made IN ADVANCE, submit signed Pole Rental Agreement with Name, Phone, Email, School, specific pole length and weight, info of your coach/AD if renting for a high school or college.  Payment and signed rental agreement required before poles leave facility.

  • It is the renter’s responsibility to pick up poles from NHG AND to return all poles to NHG. If necessary, delivery may be possible for a fee.

  • It is the renter’s responsibility to Remove ALL grip tape and clean adhesive from poles before returning to NHG for inspection. There will be a $25 Cleaning Fee per pole.

  • Payments are to be Paid in Full for the season before the poles are picked up. Payments can be made by cash, check, venmo, cashapp or credit card (5% processing fee on credit cards). A credit card will be required on file for any incidentals.  

  • Make arrangements with Shane IN ADVANCE to pick up your poles – make sure you have an approved pickup time before expecting to pick up poles. Poles must be returned by the end of the rental period or will be automatically billed. Late fees will be $5/day unreturned.

  • You MUST have a safe and secure method of transporting and storing the poles safely, such as a pole bag, cardboard tube or PVC pipe.

  • Pole must NEVER rest on the ground at practice or at a competition! Between jumps, pole is to either be in a protective tube or on a pole stand.

  • Poles will be protected from impacting the standards during competition and practice. This means, execute correct release of pole, push pole away, or cushion the standards!

  • Avoid bail out run thru, drag pole up to knock crossbar off.

  • Athletes must jump on poles rated above their actual weight!

  • Any pole damage is to be reported immediately to Shane with NHG!

  • In the event of a broken, damaged, lost, or stolen pole, it is the renter’s responsibility and agrees to pay NHG 30% of retail list price from UST ESSX most current price brochure. If the pole is damaged or lost from negligence, the renter agrees to pay 100% of the MSRP.

  •  Poles are not to be lent to or used by any other vaulters or teammates without Shane’s prior approval! If determined that others used NHG poles without prior approval, the pole rental agreement may be voided with no refund and future pole rentals may be denied.



NHG Pole Vault Pole Rental Agreement 2023


Renter’s First Name:  ___________________________       Last Name:  _____________________________


Renter’s Cell #:______________________      Renter’s Email: _____________________________________


School/ Club Contact info:  _______________________________    phone/email:  _____________________


In consideration of renting poles from New Heights Gym, I agree to abide by the rules of NHG and all applicable by-laws of USA Track & Field.  I understand that New Heights Gym has an obligation to make the renters and parents aware of the risks and hazards associated with the sport of pole vaulting.  Renters and parents assume full responsibility for own safety, understanding and accepting the risks involved with the sport and training of pole vaulting.  I agree not to bring any claim or suit against New Heights Gym, LLC, the owners, instructors, staff, or any other parties on my behalf or on behalf of my child for any injury or harm sustained by any event short of criminal act, and then only the criminal shall be the subject of that claim or suit.  I further agree that I will not cause to be brought, nor encourage a claim or suit.  Finally, I shall indemnify New Heights Gym, LLC, the owners, instructors, staff and any and all additional defendants covered by this agreement for all judgments, costs, attorney fees, and other expenses incurred as a result of a breach of this agreement.  The renter assumes all risks associated with the use of rented poles, and waives and releases all rights and claims for damages against New Heights Gym, LLC or its representatives whether paid or volunteer. The renter agrees to hold New Heights Gym harmless.


Student’s Printed Name:  ______________________________________               Date:  __________________


Parent’s Printed Name:  __________________________  Parent’s Signature:  ___________________________


Coach Name: ___________________________________ Coach Signature: _____________________________


Date Rented: ____________________________      Date to Return: ____________________________


Poles to be rented:

  1. Serial #:_______________; Length:________________; Weight:_______________; Flex:____________

  2. Serial #:_______________; Length:________________; Weight:_______________; Flex:____________

  3. Serial #:_______________; Length:________________; Weight:_______________; Flex:____________

  4. Serial #:_______________; Length:________________; Weight:_______________; Flex:____________

  5. Serial #:_______________; Length:________________; Weight:_______________; Flex:____________

  6. Serial #:_______________; Length:________________; Weight:_______________; Flex:____________


Pricing:        11’:     $200 x _____ = $_________                       11’6”:     $225 x _____ = $_________  

                       12’:     $250 x _____ = $_________                       12’6”:     $275 x _____ = $_________                                                                                     13’:     $300 x _____ = $_________                       13’6”:     $325 x _____ = $_________

                       14’:     $350 x _____ = $_________                       14’6”:     $375 x _____ = $_________

                       15’      $400 x _____ = $_________                       


Total Due:  $_________

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