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Our theme this year is “Let the Games Continue” with each week based on a different game style, whether it is board games, rope games, mind games, physical games, or TV show games.  And of course, we will bring back some of the oldies but goodies style games…who wouldn’t love Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, and Battleship??  



1)  June 3:   “Field Day Games”

  • Start the summer off with some favorite field day, team bonding style games like Sack Races, 3-Legged Races, Horseshoes, Croquet, and many other fun games!

  • Friday will be Field Day Game Championships with the sweet reward of Popsicles!


2)  June 10:  “Old School Games”

  • This week will focus on games we played at school like Jump Rope, Hand Clap Games and Rhymes, Marbles, Jacks, Hop Scotch, and much more!

  • Remember riding your bike to school? Bring your bikes to camp on Friday!

3)  June 17:  “Video Games”

  • We have to compromise a little, so this week will be based on the kids’ favorite…Video Games.  We will still introduce them to Pac Man and Donkey Kong, but we will let them bring their ipads and gaming toys for one of the rotations each day. 

  • Friday Double Special Activity:

  1. at 8:45-10:45 “Get Your Game On” gaming mobile-truck:  Extra Fee $10

  2. at 12:30 Friday afternoon movie “Mario Brothers Movie


4)  June 24:  “All Star Games”

  • This week will be based on the normal All Star physical style sports games like Softball, Basketball, Dodgeball, Soccer, and Golf.

  • Friday Special Dress:  Favorite sports team jersey or shirt or cheerleading outfit


5)  July 1:  “Olympic Games”

  • When thinking about games, you can’t not think of the Olympic Games! This week will focus on Track & Field Games, Gymnastics, Ping Pong, and Volleyball (just to name a few).

  • Wednesday Special Dress:  Wear Red, White, Blue for USA!!

  • Closed Thursday, July 4, and Friday, July 5.


6)  July 8:  “Mind Games”

  • While most games use your muscles and physical attributes, we can’t forget about our brains. This week will focus on games that use memory, strategy, and concentration.  The games will be based on Scrabble, Chess, Checkers, Clue, and Jinga.

  • at 12:30 Friday afternoon movie “Jumanji”


7)  July 15:  “Carnival Games”

  • Life is a circus, especially at NHG! This week will focus on circus and carnival games including Ring Toss, Bowling, Balloon Juggling, and many other games!

  • Friday Special Activity: 12:30 – 2:30 Carnival Clown & Balloon Art:  Extra Fee $10


8)  July 22:  “Vintage Board Games”

  • Bringing back our favorite board games into Lifesize style of play for the new generation to enjoy.

  • Each day will have games and crafts based on the oldies but goodies like Connect 4, Battleship, Chutes & Ladders, Hungry Hippo, Twister, and Candyland.


9) July 29:  “TV Game Shows”

  • Everyone wants to be on TV, especially being picked to play a TV game show! Each day will be based on a different game show: Price Is Right, Family Feud, Jeopardy, Bingo, Deal or No Deal, Floor is Lava, and Wheel of Fortune. Who will bring home the prizes?

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