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Welcome to one of the most complex events in Track & Field. It takes a certain kind of creature to run down a runway with a 12’ pole in its hand and try to leave the ground clinging only to that pole! But once you’ve done it right, there is no word to describe that feeling! My job as a coach is to teach you how to do it right.


Vaulting takes speed, strength, technique, courage, and discipline. I can coach the first three – speed, strength, and technique. The second two is up to you. The only defense you have on a pole is strength and handhold.   Once you leave the ground, you can not let go until it is time.  


Two sayings that must always be remembered are "STUPID LITTLE DRILLS” and "WHATEVER YOU DO ON THE GROUND, PREDICTS WHAT YOU DO IN THE AIR”. If you can remember these two, then vaulting will become second nature to you as you train with me. I promise to make you the best you can be if you promise to give me 110% every time you step into the gym. Words like "Can’t” are unacceptable. If you are coming here to the gym, then you are coming here to work and learn. Please feel free to ask as many questions as needed. I probably will have a drill for it or I will create on to solve it.   


Let’s start with strength and conditioning as well as diet. You are what you eat and drink!   Please drink plenty of water. Your training will take a lot of water out of your body. We strongly suggest you take a daily multi-vitamin and some form of Amino Acid to help your muscles recover and heal faster. Pole Vaulting is one event that will rob you violently of your whole body strength.   You will be sore! You have to be able to work through this at first with the help of vitamins, water, and aminos.  


I expect at least 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups daily. Core Strength is the most important strength for a vaulter to have. Try different variations and get creative with your strength work (i.e. normal, wide, close, and handstand push-ups and bent knees, straight legs, raised legs, and crunch sit-ups).  


Pole Vaulting can be very rewarding. Like I said earlier, it takes a certain kind of creature to do this and there aren’t many of us out there. It is a tight knit circle, but once you are in you are in for life. I don’t know many vaulters that would not help one another, either by helping getting a step or just giving words of encouragement. We usually will help any vaulter just to help this wonderful sport advance.


If you can give me 110% and just remember "Stupid Little Drills” and "Whatever you do on the ground predicts what you do in the air”, then I will fill in the rest as your coach to get you where you need to be. Welcome to Pole Vaulting and Get Ready to Fly to New Heights!

Join us as we Reach New Heights with our ultimate pole vault facility!  Get ready for track season as you train in our indoor facility that includes two indoor pits with mondo runways and safe boxes, an assortment of gymnastics equipment, a vault machine, a climbing rope, hurdles, and various weights and lifting equipment!

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