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***NOTE:  Mandatory Counselor Meeting/Training - 2 options: SUNDAY, MAY 5 AT 1:00PM   OR   WEDNESDAY, MAY 8 AT 6:30PM


We don't require "experience" to work our Summer Camp. But, we do require you to like kids, be able to follow and enforce gym rules, and attendance and participation in the Mandatory  training / meeting in order to work our summer camp. This year we are offering 2 class options, choose 1 of the sessions to attend. Bring a completely filled out Summer Camp Job Application, answer all questions in a legible manner. Bring a schedule of days/ weeks wanting to work and days/ weeks not available to work to the meeting. From that schedule of days given, Bridget will create a work schedule for June. From your performance as a camp counselor , Bridget will determine if you get more hours to continue working in July. Those that are actively involved in the camp activities and make it fun and safe for the kids will get more hours. Those that don't engage in the activities or with the kids won't get many hours.   


At the meeting:  Introduce main counselors.  Get sign in sheet for attendance, phone numbers, emails, applications, W-4 forms, copies of driver’s licenses, and an idea of dates, times, and weeks available and not available to work.   Give tour of gym: front lobby, microwave area, restrooms, where we store kids’ lunch bags, coach office/time sheets, kindergym/lunch room, gymnastics area, pit area, pole vault area.

  1. Purpose of Summer Camp

    • First and Foremost, our camp is different from other camps in that it gives children an opportunity to experience gymnastics and physical activity and exercise while wearing a smile and having fun.  We want parents to say “Thank You, they slept all night”.

    • Secondly, our camp is very critical for bringing in money to keep the gym operating and buying necessary equipment.  I will do what I need to do to run this camp economically and efficiently.  Anyone caught wasting money or supplies or destroying equipment or not doing what is expected will not work at our camp.  It is your job to care for these kids as well as care for this gym and the equipment.


     What is Expected of Camp Counselors?

  • Camp Counselors 1st job and priority is to supervise the children at ALL times!  Each counselor should know exactly how many and which campers are in their group at ALL times. For every activity, counselors should face toward the kids and not have their backs to the kids.  Even if it is not your time to work (because your parents dropped you off early or your parents haven’t picked you up yet) you are expected to care enough to supervise the kids.  Every second you are at the gym you continue to supervise the children.

  • Supervising children means NO CELLPHONES!!!  Cell phones are to be left in your car or kept in coaches’ office.  This is your warning! For the first time caught with a cell phone during work hours, one day of work will be removed from your schedule.  For the second time caught with a cell phone, you will be completely removed from schedule.  Give the gym number (365-3806) to your parents or whoever may need to get in touch with you.  When you are here you are on my time, getting paid by me.  I expect to have your full attention and not have you on the phone, or ipod, or whatever technology takes your eyes away from these kids and your duties.  This will be strictly enforced!

  • Supervising children also means no visiting or flirting with fellow counselors.  You can’t watch the kids closely if you are busy talking, visiting and looking at your friends. 

  • Supervising campers for all designated activities means you actually have to participate in the activity.  Your participation in the games and activities is a must in order for them to learn to be active.  That also means I am not paying for you to just lie around or just sit like a bump on a log.  If you are too tired or too lazy to be a counselor and do the activities, then this is not the job for you. 

  • Your attitude is of utmost importance.  Counselors should be pleasant and enthusiastic.  We realize everyone has bad days, but your job requires you to leave the bad attitude outside the door.  Don’t bring bad attitudes into the gym.  Be respectful to the kids and to fellow counselors.  No cursing allowed at any time, for no reason!!! 

  • This job may not be for everyone.  You have to really love kids and have patience to be able to do this job well. We have to be picky when we choose our counselors.  Do not take it personal if we don’t think you are the right fit for this job.  This is a babysitting service with 20x more liability.  If you are not the right person for the job, then you are putting our whole gym and business at risk.  In return, you will not hurt our feelings if you tell us this is not the job for you.

  • Main Counselors are expected to organize the activity for their rotation and to keep the other counselor involved and part of the responsibilities as well as making sure the activity is being performed in a safe manner.  More responsibilities are put on the Main Counselor.


     We want to make sure all campers are having a good time – but SAFETY comes first!  As a counselor it is your responsibility to make sure yourself and the campers are following all gym rules.  If campers get out of hand, refrain from excessive yelling or fussing and definitely no cursing!  One way to help keep kids out of trouble is to keep them busy – no idle time!  Even when it is free time, it should be ORGANIZED free time! Make your job easier by keeping them under control and keep the activity organized.  Keep eyes and ears open for bullying and trouble makers. Don’t just ignore it. Get with Main Counselor if you have concerns.


     The Gym Rules for campers and counselors are:

         * No Gum, Food, or Drinks allowed in the gym! 

         * No shoes allowed on the tumble trak, air tramp, gym mats, beam, vault horse, or in the pit!

         * Pit Rules:  No standing on the red spotting board at pit, no one should be up there!! No diving or head-first into pit, can injure neck.  Cannon Balls are best way to enter pit.  No digging under blocks or hiding under blocks.  No toys at pit area.  No picking the blocks, that causes the dust to get into eyes.  Counselors must position themselves with one counselor at “start line” of air tramp or tumble trak and one counselor at pit to make sure pit area is clear before next jumper.

         * When climbing the rope, no letting go from top, must go down to at least half then release into pit.

         * Gymnastics Rules: campers only allowed on gym equipment when counselor is spotting and monitoring.  Keep gym skills easy, and not too advanced.  If you don’t know how to spot the skill, then don’t allow it! Keep in mind that the gym equipment is extremely expensive and is used for real classes.  Keep an eye on campers and do not allow them to destroy the equipment.  The balance beams, vault horse, and gym mats are off limits except for the gymnastics rotation. 

         * No one allowed in the pole vault pit facility without Shane’s permission first.

         * Keep campers out of gym cubbies and coaches’ office!

         * No going outside except for pre-determined supervised activities.

         * No cell phones, game boys, ipods, or any other toys or devices during the scheduled activities.  Campers (not counselors) can “play” with their toys only during free time and while waiting to go into the gym or be picked up.  If they didn’t participate in the scheduled activities, then they are not allowed to play with their toys.  We are not responsible for any lost or stolen or broken items. 

         * We encourage age-appropriate music, but no loud, angry music.  This is a camp for young children and the music must be suitable for them. 

         * No rough housing or horse playing or wrestling.  When running or racing on floor, make sure boundaries are set for campers to stay on floor. Do not allow them to run off the floor, or into the walls, or into the mirrors.


     Because it is a very active summer camp with a lot of physical activities, there will be bumps and bruises.  There will be times when icepacks and bandaids will be needed, but keep it to a minimum.  Unless it is bleeding, do NOT use a bandaid for scratches, scrapes, or bruises.  Unless counselors want to spend the day picking up bandaids out of the pit or on the floor, then choose wisely when you send them to get a bandaid.  Bandaids do not stay on when being that active.  If possible, try to use a wet napkin instead.  Ice packs are only to be used for serious bumps, twists, or other serious type injuries. The counselor that sends the kid to get the icepack is responsible for making sure it is returned to the freezer.

     Check In / Check Out


     Usually Bridget is in charge of checking campers in and out each day.  But sometimes you may need to check a camper in or out.  It is very important that campers sign in and out each day.  That is our only record that the camper was here and picked up.  On the front table is the binder with all the campers’ contact, phone number, and health info.  Before you ever allow a camper to leave the gym with anyone, check the child’s paperwork to see who he/she is allowed to leave with.  Then ask for an ID from the person picking up the child to make sure that person is allowed.  Always remember that campers are to leave ONLY with the specified persons on their form.  The person picking them up must be on the approved list and must sign them out.   If you are not certain who the child is allowed to leave with, call the parent.  It is better to call and ask a “silly” question than to let a child leave with the wrong person!


     At the end of the day, counselors are to help the campers collect all their belongings and to put on their shoes.  Remember we have regular gym classes at 4:00, so the campers must be kept in order and as quiet as possible.  Some of the campers take gym classes, so we will also need to get them ready for class.  That list will also be on the table.


     A Typical Day at Camp

  • Hand out Activity Schedule

  • Each summer we have a different theme and each week will be different and will follow the theme. So check your work schedule and the activity schedule so you will know the theme for that week.  You are expected to participate in the activities and be creative, spirited, and prepared!

  • We normally have 4) 30-minute rotations in the morning and in the afternoon with about 15 - 20 kids per rotation; with 2 counselors per rotation.  The Rotation Designations will include: 1) Floor, 2) Pit, 3) Gymnastics, and the 4) KinderGym room.  The Floor rotations usually include group games, relay races, obstacle course, tumbling, etc.  The Pit rotation usually includes air tramp, tumble trak, rope, mini-tramp, pit races, etc.  The Gymnastics rotation usually includes gym bars, beam, rings, vault, strength, hurdles, etc. The KinderGym rotation usually includes arts & crafts, dance, bowling, cheer, plyos, games, yoga, etc.  Be creative! Try to follow the theme!!

  • Groups will normally be divided into 4 groups by ages: 1) ages 4 & 5; 2) ages 6 & 7; 3) ages 8 & 9; 4) ages 10 & up.  The morning rotations are 30 minute intervals.  The counselors are paired up at each station with 2 counselors per rotation according to pre-determined schedule.  The kids rotate from event to event. So, all counselors will deal with all groups of kids.  In order to change things around, sometimes we may divide afternoon groups by age and gender. Rotations can be determined by the numbers and activities.

     Lunch / Snack Time


     Lunch / Free Time is at 10:30 – 12:30.  The youngest age group 4–5 eats first, while age group 6-7 has floor games and age group 8-13 has free pit time.  Once that group is finished eating and the lunch room is picked up, then the groups rotate.  The young group then goes to free pit time and age group 6-7 goes to lunch, while the older group rotates to floor games.  Once done eating and lunch room is picked up, group 1 rotates to floor, group 2 rotates to free pit, and group 3 goes to lunch.  By 12:30 lunch should be done, lunch room picked up, and group 3 rotates to mats under high bar.  KinderGym room gets cleaned and ready for afternoon rotation. 

     Snack / Free Time is at 3:00 – 4:00.  Same age groups apply, but each rotation is only 20 minutes.    

  • At Lunch time we will have 2 counselors at microwave helping heat up lunch, serve lunch, and carry lunch.  At snack time we only need one microwave person while the second one cleans according to cleaning schedule. We will have 2 counselors in “kindergym” lunch room helping open lunch, making sure they eat their lunch first and then their snack, making sure they don’t share or take each other’s lunch, making sure they don’t throw away their lunch.  Counselors are responsible for helping campers get their lunch bags, carry their lunches to the “lunch room”, heat up their lunch, and clean up their lunch.  Do not allow them to “share” their food because of food allergies. We will have 2 counselors at pit. It’s free pit, but rules still apply.  Keep eyes on campers! We will have 2 counselors at floor. It can be free floor time or you can organize a game.  Keep eyes on campers!

  • Counselors may bring their own lunch, have someone bring them lunch, or set up a snack account to purchase a lunch.  Counselors will eat their lunch in shifts, either when in kindergym room with kids or when working microwave.  Counselors will rotate for each lunch and snack rotation.  Go over Lunch / Snack Rotation.


     Clean Up Duties

  • Counselors are to keep their stations clean and organized.  Whatever equipment your group takes out and uses, you are responsible for having it returned to the correct place.  You are able to use the kids to help pick up as necessary.  It is important to keep the gym in order so that evening classes can operate like normal.  Mats and equipment need to be returned every afternoon by 3:30 to original places.  Counselors are responsible for keeping the coaches’ office clean by throwing out trash.  All counselors will have scheduled cleaning days.  Cleaning duties include cleaning mirrors and glass, taking out garbage, sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming, wiping the front table and microwave and anything else we ask you to clean or pick up.  Counselors are to clean efficiently and not waste cleaning supplies, trash bags, paper towels, etc.  If you don’t know how to work the mop or vacuum, just ask and you will learn.  Both counselors of each rotation that have KinderGym for lunch and/or snack must clean up and have kids clean up lunch room before letting kids out of lunch room and rotating.  Go over Clean Up Schedule.

     Payroll / Timesheets / Tardiness

  • This job is not your typical job.  It is not a high paying job.  It is not a job with a lot of hours.  But it is a job with a lot of responsibility, a lot of life lessons, and above all a job with rewards greater than money.  Again, this job may not be for you if you want to make a lot of money or want to work a lot of days.

  • Pay Day is every two weeks on the Monday.  Rates are as follows with Day-rates based on 8-hour days. 

* 14-year-olds (trainees): $25/day

* 15-year-olds (helpers): $45/day  

* 16-year-olds:  $60/day or $7/hour (needs to fill out W-2 form)

* 17-year-olds & 18-year-olds:  $65/day or $8/hour (needs to fill out W-2 form)

* 19-year-olds & up:  $70/day or $9/hour (needs to fill out W-2 form)

  • Be on Time! If you are going to miss or be late, you must call Bridget, Lisa or Devin with as much notice as possible.  If you make a habit of not showing up to work on time or not giving proper notice, you will not get more hours for this summer and you will definitely not have a job with us next summer.


You are responsible for filling out your time sheet accurately each day.  The time sheets are located on the bulletin board in the coaches’ office.  If you forget to mark down your time, either no time or an estimated time will be determined and New Heights Gym will NOT be responsible for verifying or correcting the time and pay.  If you want to get paid, then make it your responsibility to mark down your hours.  Mark the time slot agreed to work.  If you stay 15 minutes late because you were visiting, then don’t put those extra minutes on your time sheet.  If Bridget asks you to stay late, then you can put that extra time on your time sheet.  If you leave early, then deduct your time accordingly.

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