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As educated adults in today's world, most of us already know the importance of physical activity in a child's life.  As we become more aware of the need for physical activity, schools have had to cut back on physical education and time due to budgetary constraints and mandated testing requirements.  Statistics show that children are becoming more overweight and more sedentary than ever, causing more health issues.  Luckily we at New Heights Gym offer several options.  Any one of our programs provide great physical activity while stimulating their brains, social skills, personal development, and a sense of well-being all at the same time.


Every sport we teach at our facility utilizes gymnastics.  Gymnastics, a total body sport, is the basic body training for all physical movement.  Every part of the body is used when doing gymnastics.  It is a sports program designed to teach the basic fundamental motor skills required in any sport and in every day activity.  Gymnastics develops athletes through systematic progressions of abilities.  Gymnastics is about personal growth, personal success, and personal development at all levels.  

Our gymnastics program consists of three phases of gymnastics:  Pre-School Gymnastics, Recreational Gymnastics, and Competitive Gymnastics. 



At New Heights Gym we strive to continue reaching new heights by utilizing the amazing benefits of gymnastics in every aspect of life.  There is no other sport that develops the mind and body like Gymnastics. One of the major reasons parents enroll their children in Pre-School Gymnastics is for the enhancement of motor skills development, coordination, balance, agility, and strength.  Besides the physical developments, gymnastics encourages development of intellectual, emotional, and social skills.  For young children gymnastics provides an opportunity to explore movement in a non-competitive atmosphere while teaching them to focus, follow directions, and to be patient. Because we are aware every child grows mentally and physically and socially at different rates, we have designed each class based on age and maturity.  Our Tiny Tot class is designed for 2 to 3 year olds.  We hope they are potty-trained, but if not then try to have them in a pull-up or have a parent nearby in case of an "accident".  Most of the Tiny Tot class is structured in the little KinderGym room with the little KinderGym equipment.  This class focuses on introducing gymnastics in a fun manner as well as teaching them to wait their turn, follow instructions, and follow a course of action.  Depending on the "mood and attentiveness" of the day will determine if they are brought out to the Big Gym.  Our KinderGym class is designed for 3 to 4 year olds.  This class focuses on a little more advanced Kinder Gym, still keeping it fun, and more structured with a flow of events.  This class usually spends about 15 minutes in the Big Gym, again depending on their moods and how well they are following directions. The Tiny Tot and KinderGym classes usually last about 45 minutes of instruction time, then another 5 minutes of closing time.



Recreational Gymnastics is the same USAG formatted gymnastics program as Competitive Gymnastics, but without the contracts, commitments, and competitions.  Our Recreational Gymnastics Program is designed to allow gymnasts to do gymnastics in a progressive mode without the competitive atmosphere.  Some gymnasts choose to participate in Recreational Gymnastics for the great overall body conditioning, or for the structure and discipline, or with hopes to advance to Team, or just for the love of the sport.  No matter if a gymnast ever competes or not, that athlete is still considered a gymnast and he/she should be proud of what they can do.  It makes no difference if the gymnast is recreational or competitive; all gymnasts are important parts of the gymnastics community and of our gym.

4 Class Options for Girls & Boys Recreational Gymnastics:  Tuesday at 4:30-5:30; Tuesday 5:30-6:30; Thursday at 4:30-5:30; and Thursday at 5:30-6:30; Tuition is $80/month.

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