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Special Note to our NHG families:

As you all know, this is a difficult and trying time for our families, businesses, town, state, and country. It is a time of worry, tension and uncertainty. Life as we know it came to an abrupt halt, without the opportunities to say Good Bye to friends and loved ones, to finish strong in a competition we had been training for all year, to experience a special first-time celebration or a last-time major chapter in our lives. Everything has changed so abruptly without any warning.


I know many of the children and coaches are missing their gymnastics as well as their friends. We would like to thank all of you who have continued to support us by paying tuition even when classes were not going on. Please know that we are beyond grateful and will let you make up all missed classes. For the families who are financially struggling and could not pay us tuition during this time, we have established a temporary “account freeze” which will allow you to return back to NHG anytime during June or July without paying the registration fee again. We are planning to start gym classes as well as gym camp the week of June 1.  

We were in weekly video classes with USA Gymnastics as well as hundreds of other gyms from our state and throughout the country. During this quarantine time we have learned a lot about our gymnastics business and that we are needing to make a few changes first to comply with State mandates concerning the COVID-19 virus and second to absorb the financial hit that our small business took with this epidemic shutdown. We are trying our best to accommodate fears and needs in order to keep our kids, coaches, and families safe and healthy.  Even with limited funds we had to make several unexpected purchases in order to comply with the state mandates to be able to open.  We purchased and installed 3 hand sanitizer stations for the gym. We purchased and installed air ionizer cleaning systems for the return air of each air conditioner unit (which is 5 units). We purchased face masks for all coaches, as well as a non-contact forehead thermometer. We even purchased 10 new parking bumpers in order to redirect traffic for drop off / pick up. 


Besides the unexpected purchases, we have had to make several policy and operating changes. Some of these changes will take lots of effort from our coaches and our parents.


Student Drop-Off

  • To limit direct contact between parents and staff members and to adhere to social distancing recommendations, families are encouraged to use the drop-off / pick-up procedures. Parents will enter the drive-thru from the left of the gym and drop off child at the Main Entrance in front of the gym. An NHG staff member will greet the student at the door and will escort him/her inside the gym. As the NHG staff member escorts the child into the facility, they will be escorted to the nearest handwashing / sanitizer station prior to entering the gym. 

  • Parents are strongly encouraged to drop-off and pick-up as opposed to entering the facility. If a parent needs to enter the facility, we ask that you park either in front parking lot or in parking lot to the right of the gym, enter the main entrance, use the hand sanitizer station upon entering, and wait in the waiting room for assistance. Please limit to 1 parent, no siblings.  

  • It is particularly important to keep children home if having any signs of illness or sickness. Before dropping off your child for class, please screen your child and confirm the following questions: 1) Has child been in contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 in last 2 weeks? 2) Has child run fever above 100.4F in last 24 hours? 3) Has child been on fever reducing medication in the last 24 hours? 4) Has child experienced shortness of breath, sore throat, a cough, diarrhea or vomiting in last 24 hours? If yes to any above questions, then child may not be admitted to the facility. We need the parents to do their part before the child arrives and take extra consideration of not sending them if they show any symptom of being sick.   


Student Pick-Up

  • To minimize the contact between students coming in and students leaving, we will have the students exit through the Exit Door to the Right of the Gym near the big parking lot (see parking / traffic gym map). Two staff employees will be monitoring and escorting the students to the parent / car. If a parent needs to enter the facility, we ask that you park either in front parking lot or in parking lot to the right of the gym, enter the main entrance, use the hand sanitizer station upon entering, and wait in the waiting room for assistance. Please limit to 1 parent, no siblings.


Misc Safety Precautions

  • To allow time between classes for cleaning and to facilitate the departure of one class while another class arrives, classes will last 45minutes. Summer class schedule (June – August) is as follows:


               Girls Gym:  Tues at 4:30-5:15

                                   Tues at 5:30-6:15

                                   Thurs at 4:30-5:15

                                   Thurs at 5:30-6:15


               Boys Gym:  Tues at 5:30-6:15

                                   Thurs at 5:30-6:15


               Tumbling:   Thurs at 6:30-7:15


      We hope and plan to have Normal class schedules resume in September.

  • Coaches will be given special cloth masks to use at their discretion to the extent it does not interfere with the ability to do their job safely.

  • All employees are advised to stay home and not report to work if they exhibit any symptoms including fever, cough, sore throat, vomiting, or diarrhea.

  • All employees are advised to increase hygiene practices and washing/sanitizing hands more frequently.

  • Employees are encouraged to practice social distancing to the best extent possible.


Thank you for your understanding and patience as we implement these new procedures. Our goal is to minimize disruption, while at the same time keeping you, your family and our staff healthy and well. 


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